Worst Messages of eBay-“My eBay selling Account Restriction”

Today I’m going to show you, worst messages of my eBay selling. Please beware of these messages. You are lucky, you can protect your selling privileges without any restriction.

You can no longer sell items on eBay My eBay selling

This is a common problem for new sellers on eBay. Most of them don’t know how to manage buyers such as transaction cancellation and so on. Then eBay will decrease your selling ratings. After a couple of weeks you will receive this message,
“We want to let you know that you haven’t met the minimum requirements to sell on eBay and your seller level is Below Standard in the Global program. As such, you won’t be able to list and sell items on eBay anymore.”

My ebay selling

This is one of my friends account. He has lost his eBay selling account because he has cancelled many unpaid transactions by making wrong decisions.

My ebay selling

I recommend you to always select “The buyer asked to cancel the order, or there’s an issue with the buyer’s address. Never select the first one as the reason. Unfortunately, he has sent invoices couple of times and cancel the transaction. It’s better to cancel unpaid transactions because we don’t want to pay fees. I’m sorry, I have to erase/hide some of the contents because I have to keep my friend’s and buyers’ privacy. Think always” I will keep my eBay selling with good standards. And I won’t loose my eBay selling .”

My ebay selling

Check the below screenshot carefully, it will show you, ours selling requirements. Check yours go to Seller Dashboard.

My ebay selling

60.87% transaction cancellation affected for the restriction.

MC999 eBay Listing Removed: Alcohol and Tobacco (718921663)

This is one of the other worst messages. I have listed kind of e-cig. I have earned 10$-20$ profit on each item. I told you about this item on my previous posts.

My ebay selling

It says,

However, you can sell collectible packaging that contains tobacco as long as the package has never been opened and you follow and include *all* of these statements in your listing. We recommend copying and pasting the following information and using the same font size as the rest of your description:

— The value of the item is the collectible packaging, not the tobacco itself.
— The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the tobacco in the package.
— While the package has never been opened, the tobacco inside is not for consumption.
— The collectible packaging is not currently available in stores.
— The buyer must be at least 18 years old. (As the seller, I’m responsible for making sure this rule is met.)
— Both the buyer and the seller are following all applicable laws and shipping regulations for this transaction.

If you include photos in your listing, you need to show the actual item for sale. Stock photos are not allowed. ”

There are so many methods of selling account restrictions. Such as In my next article I will focus, these eBay Selling Account Restriction reasons. Share your thoughts with us…

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