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Introduction to WebP Converter

WebP Converter is the newest technology that have been released by the Google Inc. This can be named as the best ever technology for images. Simply this is the new image format that have been released to the public. With the help of WebP image format web developers get number of stunning features. With the help of WebP converter, any user can change the format of any Png, Jpg and Jpeg image into WebP format. With the help of WebP new image format any web developer or web master can make their web sites smooth and fast.


What is WebP?

This can be named as the most trending topic among all Web developers. With the help of this stunning image, format any user can get high quality images with lower image size. That is the main point of the WebP technology. Right now JPEG images gives high quality images, but it have a big image size moreover WebP images is 80% lower in size than the JPEG image. Therefore, this stunning technology helps the users to build high quality images with less image size.

How WebP technology works

When talking about the WebP converter this stunning tool gives more user-friendly process for the users. Mainly this is works under a two special procedure as lossy compression and lossless compression. With the help of this two technologies any user can compress images quickly. When using the WebP online converter it doesn’t harm for the image quality. The only process done by this converter is convert the image format and minimize the size of the image.

More about WebP

Right now WebP technology is compatible with Chrome and Opera web browsers. With the help of those web browsers any user can enjiy the features of WebP technology. Firefox officially announced that they are going to support for the WebP technology as soon as possible. Moreover, WebP technology is designed to support for animation, ICC profile, XMP metadata, and tiling. Not all the WebP technology already support for the animation, transparency, color profile and metadata. And webP can be named as the best alternative solution for GIF images. Because more than 80% of a GIF image size is lesser than the WebP image. The webP online converter gives all those stunning features for the users.

Interesting techniques of WebP

All the features of the WebP technology are interesting. With the help of this new technology, users can enjoy the lots of benefits. The most interesting features of the WebP technology is encoding and decoding library. Also stunning features of the WebP technology is libwebp, cwebp and dwebp for converting images to and from the WebP format

Use the online WebP converter

Right now WebP converter is available with the  portable version. The online convert gives number of benefits for the users. there’s no files to download and doesn’t want any spce to install the tool. The online WebP converter have a user-friendly process to convert any image format into WebP format. The drag and drop procedure is the way to convert the images through online WebP converter.


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