WebP Converter Mac 2020

WebP Converter Mac

Created and developed by Google since 2010, WebP is considered as the latest image format that can make the web faster, as this format allows users to save images in both lossy and lossless compression. Developers in Google announced that this form can compress the image size up to 34% while keeping the high quality of a picture. Many web developers and designers There are many converters both online and offline designed to convert image formats like LPG, PNG, GIF to WebP.

However, since Mac OS in distinct from other operating systems, it took a while for the developer to make WebP converting available on Mac OS. This WebP Mac converter is created especially compatible with the requirements of Mac OS and its users.

What is WebP Converter  Mac?

WebP mac was developed by the same developers who developed WebP; that is Google. If you want to convert any type of image in a Mac device, WebP Mac is the ideal and specific tool for that.

After introducing the WebP format the need to make this format available on every platform; not just windows but Mac as well was comprehended by the developers. And Mac devices also needed a tool to convert images into WebP. So Google; created WebP Converter Mac for Mac users where they can get an outcome of an image that has a rather small size.

Converting Image using WebP Converter Mac

Converting Images though WebP Mac is very easy.

  • You have to start by going to the AppStore and download WebP converter mac for your device.
  • Complete the installation and open it.
  • As WebP images do not possess a regular system you can then try to get the help of XN converter if necessary.
  • Next, select the correct image format in which you need to convert the image in your WebP Mac.
  • Then click “convert”

Why WebP Converter Mac


As usual since the processing speed of a mac device is faster than other processors, you can convert your image files in a very short amount of time. However, many of the other image formats take a longer time to convert images in Mac devices because they lack the potential to respond to the Mac Operating System. But WebP Mac converts images faster, effectively and be very convenient to you, unlike such platforms.

Lossless Compression

Lossy compression which can reduce the quality of an image; is the format of many of the image converting tools. However, in Webp Mac; lossless compression is used to process and convert images that will not harm the original quality of the image.

Image with Smaller size

One of the main reasons WebP is loved by everyone is its ability to provide images of smaller size. Since WebP converter Mac uses its advanced technology, you can enjoy the benefit of receiving images with a smaller capacity produced by your Mac device.

And if you are looking for a tool to convert images with higher quality like WebP in a short amount of time you can try downloading WebP Mac into your device.

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