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iPhone is the latest and the most advanced iPhone which was introduced by Apple very recently. It is a very novel creation and it opens the doors to a new range of technology.

In this new arrival, Apple has replaced the Home button with a biometric authentication method which is known as Face ID. There the sensors are being used to scan the user’s face and if it matches only the iPhone will be unlocked. This method of authentication was first introduced to mobile platforms by Apple.

Though this is a more advanced technology it has some drawbacks. The most problematic one is the iPhone gets locked due to the wrong facial recognition. Because of this issue, the iPhone X users have to face so many inconvenient situations. Hence we thought of giving you some important details on how to unlock your iPhone X without using the Face ID.

The ways of unlocking your iPhone X without using the Face ID

Unlock the iPhone X without Face ID and forgot the passcode

Have you ever faced this situation? You have tried The Face Id several times but it always went wrong and even you cannot remember the Passcode to log in to the device. Use the iCloud Removal tool which is official and reliable in unlocking any iDevice. This tool will work on iPhone X also without causing any issue. We will go in detail about this tool in the latter part of the article.

Unlock iPhone x without using Face ID but using the Passcode

You can unlock your iPhone x using the passcode if you are tired of using the Face Id option. This mechanism is common to all iPhone models. If you are planning to use this passcode method in unlocking your iPhone you must do some stuff when you are setting up your device.

There you need to select the Passcode method as a supplementary method to unlock your iPhone. This can be done by going to settings of your device and setting up your passcode. After that, you can unlock your iPhone X without Face ID but with the passcode.

Unlocking iPhone X is Reboot, no Face ID

You can reboot your iPhone X by doing the following things,

  • You can press the volume up button and release it quickly.
  • You can press the volume down button and release it quickly.
  • Press and hold the power button for some time until the Apple logo is on the screen.
  • Then release the power button and your iPhone will restart.
  • After finishing the reboot process you can enter the passcode to unlock your device.
  • Those are the ways that you can use to unlock your iPhone X safely.
  • I think it is better to give some more information on the iCloud Removal tool.

What is this iCloud Removal Tool?

When unlocking any of the iDevice including iPhone X we can assure the iCloud Removal Tool is one of the best methods that you can use. There are no complex things to do. This is an online tool. You just need to give the IMEI number and the model details of your locked device to this tool and it will unlock your iPhone X very easily. This will be very helpful to you when traveling overseas and you need to change the carrier of your iPhone X.

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