Top Selling Items on eBay – Tip 5

Hi guys, I have come back with a new article about “Top Selling Items on eBay”. I will show you, what are the, top selling items on eBay, & sell them on eBay and finally earn lots of money.

1.Portable Health Electronic Cigarette with 10-Refill Pipes and USB Rechargeable

top selling items on ebayI need to tell you, never list this item on eBay because eBay restricted my eBay selling. I have earned more than 10$ profit from one item & this item cost is US 5.69$. I listed this product for 18$,21$,24$ and most of the Australians, Americans, Canadians bought this product from me. However, I cannot recommend this product to you. eBay warned me 3 times with emails. At the fourth time, they restricted my old account.

2.Ego CE4 Electronic Cigarette Kits 9 Colors 1.6ml Atomizer 650, 900, 1100mah

top selling items on ebay

This is one of the top selling items on eBay. Fortunately, we can sell them without having any problem. Most of the buyers having demand to this product. I have earned more than 5$ profit from one item. I can recommend you this product, we can earn more profit by spending less money that worth 5.50$.

top selling items on ebay


 3.CE5 Atomizer 1.6ml ego CE5 Tank Clearomizer For Battery Vaporizer 5 color 1pcs

top selling items on ebay


If someone using ego electric/electronic cigarette, he/she needs to replace the atomizer because it will be empty when we use approx. 500puffs. We can earn fair enough profit by selling this product. We can get this from under 1.5$ and sell it for 3.5$,4$+

4.100 Home Wall Glow In The Dark Star Stickers Decal Baby Kids Gift Nursery Room

top selling items on ebay


There are billions of parents in the world and all of them try to keep their children happily. Most of them buying this product for decorate their kids rooms. We can bought this product from $1.54 and sell it on eBay for $3.89. This is really awesome product.

 5.Women New Summer Sheath Striped Strapless Sexy Club Party Dress

top selling items on ebay

The women’s fashion stuffs are one of the most and top selling items on eBay and we can earn more profit by selling more quantities. We can buy them for cheap prices from dropshipping companies and sell them on eBay.

top selling items on ebay


6.Music Night Star Constellation Turtle Gift Present Toy for Baby Child


This is one of the best selling toys on eBay selling. If we sell this on eBay, we’ll have good demand from Europe countries.

top selling items on ebay

  7. 3.5mm In-Ear Earphone Headset Earset Earbuds for iPhone MP3

top selling items on ebay

There are lots of mobile devices and all of them need accessories. We can sell this product & there are many listings on eBay like this and we need to list this as auction style and I’m sure you’ll have good offers. If you can list iPhone headphones.

8. Sport Geneva Silicone Quartz Women Men Girl Unisex Jelly Wrist Watch Gift

top selling items on ebay


This is one of the products that we can sell easily on eBay and earn more profits. I recommend you to list this item on eBay as auction style with duration 3 days. You’ll have better offers.

There are many categories on eBay and each of them have top selling items that we can earn more profit. I have mentioned above, few of top selling items on eBay. I will give you more products soon, please stay with us. My next article will teach you, what are the best dropshipping companies and how to contact wholesale sellers.

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