Top 5 free web browsers for Windows phone users

Top 5 free web browsers for windows phone users

Tired of internet explorer or have you ever felt that you need more accessible and faster browser than IE? There are so many free and paid browsers available in the windows store for the windows users. Here are 5 alternative free browsers for windows phones.

 web browsers for windows phone

UC browser

UC browser is can be named as the most popular web browser for windows phone users. And also can name as the most relevant web browser for windows users. This browser release regular updates to users. From that this browser has more facilities as well as more powerful.

Some features of UC browser can be named as night mode, full screen view, desktop mode, multi tab management. And this browser is rich with download manager, tabbed browsing and there is an option to share download files and documents via Bluetooth and QR code. 


Maxthon browser

Maxthon  browser also can be named as a popular web browser for windows phone users. This is a multi platform web browser which runs on aneroid, and  IOS also. Maxthon browser is more user-friendly and rich in high performance.

There are some accumulated features of Maxthon browser.

  • Cloud push – this feature let you push let you push any type of content directly to any device via emails or SMS or cloud technology.
  • Magic fill – this allows you to securely save the user names, passwords, and other filling information.
  • Tab recovery – easily restore user’s last visited pages from one click.

This feature brings you the best browsing experience on windows phones to your finger tips.


Opera mini beta

Opera mini beta is can known as a well known web browser which present in all formats. This browser saves your data and gives you a fast and cheaper internet experience. Opera mini have an ability to reduce web pages doen to 10% from normal size.


Surface 3D browser

Surface 3D browser is an award winning 3rd party browser for windows platform. And this browser is very rich with features. This browser has an ability to play back audio files and usual bug fixing and cosmetic enhancements. The most important special feature of this browser is having a 3D interface. That is joy to use. With the help of this browser you can share links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Not only that this is rich with portal reading mode also.



Surfy also a useful web browser for windows phone users. And this browser looks like on desktop. With the help of this, user can reduce the wastage of data. Private browsing, save images, downloads files and documents are can be mentioned as important features of this browser. This browser supports voice search as well as allows searching using Cortana.


Top Windows Phones Web Browsers


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