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TaiG Jailbreak

What is Jailbreaking?

If you are an Apple owner but haven’t heard about jailbreak iOS version yet, then you have missed something great. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Jailbreak is a procedure to break several default restrictions put on your Apple device by its operating system iOS. A jailbroken device is more customizable, eligible to install apps not listed in Apple’s App Store and has better usability for advanced users.

Taig Jailbreak iOS 9

TaiG Jailbreak iOS 9.1 – 8.4 

There are various software to jailbreak your iOS running device. TaiG is one of the leading names in the jailbreaking list. This tool is released by a Chinese group and it supports almost all devices running iOS 8.1.3 to 8.4. Taig team has announced, they are planning to release Taig Jailbreak for iOS 9.1. The tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. You can direct download Taig on the below links.

Important points to know before you Jailbreak your device

Jailbreak is unauthorized and prohibited by Apple. Because it lets you go outside the control Apple has on its devices and puts you in charge. Sometimes minor stability issues may appear. But be assured, it never violets your warranty rights and users have gained more advantage than disadvantage by jailbreaking their devices.
Most importantly, it is super easy to do and you can always revert to normal state.

Before you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, please do the following things:
1. Back up your device data in iCloud.
2. Turn off the Antivirus and Firewall of your PC or Mac.
Now, let’s proceed.

Step-by-step guide to Jailbreak your iDevice

1. Download the TaiG jailbreak tool and install it in your computer. Here are the links to the latest versions:
PC: Download Taig Jailbreak for Windows (unzip the file)
Mac: Download Taig Jailbreak for Mac
2. Turn off the Passcode and Find My iPhone options (in the iCloud menu) from your phone or tablet’s Settings.
3. Open the TaiG Jailbreak Tool and connect your iOS device with the computer using a USB cable.
4. Once TaiG detects your device click ‘start’ to jailbreak. Before starting remember to keep the Cydia option checked but uncheck the 3K Assistant option.
5. The jailbreaking will be done soon and you will get a massage on the screen saying “Jailbreak Succeeded!”
6. Turn on the Passcode and Find My iPhone options back on.
Now your device is jailbroken. You can use Cydia to get access to new and exciting software not available in App Store. Enjoy!

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