Tachiyomi iOS

Are you an iOS user who is much into Japanese Anime collection and manga readers? Tachiyomi iOS will perfectly fit with you then! This article will focus on elaborating many interesting things regarding the Tachiyomi iOS app, which can be used to get your favorite manga stories. If you feel interested, read this till it ends to find more fascinating things about this app!

Tachiyomi iOS

What is Tachiyomi iOS?

Japanese anime is much popular among youngsters these days. Especially, anime is not an art that belongs to the Japanese people. Still, Japanese anime, which are generally the animations, attract most of the people all around the world. Related to these Japanese anime, many of the manga, which are comic stories, have been created. There is a specific circle gathered all around the world who found an interest in reading different manga. As we live in a more advanced era, most such users now are much into reading their favorite manga online via different applications on the web. Here, Tachiyomi can be presented as one such unique application. 

Tachiyomi Apk was initially launched for Android users. Still, later on, as the demand for the app grew larger, they launched their update for iOS users in which we are focusing today, and that is Tachiyomi iOS!

Features of Tachiyomi iOS

There are different types of manga providing applications prevailing on the web. However, most of them are expensive. You know how costly it is to access original Japanese manga sites and extract them from such sites. Talking about Tachiyomi iOS, it acts more like a platform that allows you to get access to those manga sites like Manga Reader, Manga Rock, CrunchyRoll, etc., and read your favorite manga boundlessly for totally free of charge! 

Besides being a free application, Tachiyomi iOS contains many fascinating features that attract manga lovers, and now let us identify a few of them!

  1. Offline availability- Most of the manga applications are available only for online usage. Therefore, they lack the download option. However, the Tachiyomi iOS application allows you to save or download your favorite manga so that you can read them while offline too!
  2. Well categorized- There are thousands of various manga available on the web. Sometimes it will make it hard to choose your favorite one from them. In Tachiyomi iOS, all such manga are well categorized into topics where you can easily search them and find them without much fuss!
  3. Availability of extensions- Normally, if you use only one extension to find and read manga, the functionality of the app can be influenced negatively. To reduce that, Tachiyomi iOS has several extensions for you to increase the app functionality!
  4. Can adjust the interface- Tachiyomi iOS has both dark and light themes. So, the users can customize their interface according to their likings.

Want to get Tachiyomi iOS?

Tachiyomi iOS can be easily downloaded. However, it is not available on the app store, just like other Apple iOS apps. Yet, if you go search it on the Android Mobile APK website, you will see the latest update of Tachiyomi iOS and download and install it from there!

This is all about Tachiyomi iOS and shares this awesome news with your other manga lovers too!

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