SuperSU Pro with Android P

Basic Interface of SuperSU Pro with Android P

Right now, everybody knows Google is a world famous company famous for a new definition of your Android smartphone and tablet device. Over millions of Android, smart device users are satisfied with using Android devices with newly introduced Android versions as well. As well as Android authority has been introduced a system to improve your smart device existing features using Android rooting. By now Android rooting has been an essential fact among Android smart device users. But in this article, we are going to check out the latest interface of SuperSU Pro with Android P. Hope you are ready to learn more about SuperSU Pro with Android P smoothly.

SuperSU Pro with Android P

SuperSU Pro with Android P

More about SuperSU Pro with Android P

When considering Android P, the developer will release this 9th Android version as soon as possible. By now, they have released this Android version initially on 7th of March in 2018. Each Android users eagerly waiting to experience the stunning features of Android P latest version. Because it is consist of different type of features like new look which means Google has been enhanced gestures to enable navigation from your home screen and designed easy use for quick settings, take and edit screenshots, simple volume controls and manage notifications, you have the ability to swipe up to check new gestures which give at a glance look at full-screen previews for used apps, Adaptive Battery which uses to learn about behaviors of your battery health. With help of this feature, you can extend your battery life with reducing background running applications, brightness and etc, notification center helps you to see images you have been sent and previous messages, you can send photos and stickers without using any application and etc. According to these features, you can get an amazing interface to your Android smart device as well. Similarity previous situations with the release of Android P version everyone looking for improvement this current interface using Android rooting. As I mentioned before here we are going to check SuperSU Pro with Android P. SuperSU Pro is the one and only rooting tool compatible with all Android versions including Android Nougat and Oreo versions. This is the best time to check which way you can root your Android smart device.

About SuperSU Pro

There are many safe and easy ways to root Android smartphone and tablet devices. Rooting tools take an important place among other rooting ways. This is not a difficult task which means you have the ability to complete the rooting process with one click. Chainfire team is the developer released this SuperSU Pro multi supported rooting tool with XDA senior members. In these days they are developing this rooting tool to compatible with upcoming Android version P. however, we talking about SuperSU Pro it is the best superuser access management in the future will help you to keep your Android smart device in a better manner. To Root your Android P smart device SuperSU Pro you can use SuperSU Pro latest features as well.

Top Features of SuperSU Pro with Android P

  1. OTA survival mode
  2. Pin Protection
  3. Full color-coded command content logging
  4. Per-app logging configuration
  5. Auto deny countdown can be adjusted easily
  6. Per-app user overrides
  7. Grant / deny root an app for fix amount of time and etc.

Developer Credits of  SuperSU Pro with Android P

Android rooting is not an easy thing which means it has a risk of canceling your device warranty as well. Root your Android smart device with a proper rooting tool can bring perfect results for your Android smart device. As we mentioned before SuperSU Pro has the possibility to root your Android P version without any issues. Therefore whole developer credits goes to Chainfire team and Google Inc who is the stunners of SuperSU Pro and Android P.

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