SuperSU Pro Apk

What is SuperSU Pro Apk?

All the Android rooting lovers going to confuse with this stunning content that allows making a fabulous smart device. Through this Android rooting, you can customize your Android smartphone and tablet device with attractive features, apps, themes, etc. SuperSU Pro Apk is the best rooting tool available in the Android market and also known as an eye catchy icon among all Android smart device users. If you are waiting to root your Android smart device with a super hitting SuperSU Pro Apk you can refer this guide smoothly. So this is the best time to change your boring rooting tool all about SuperSU Pro Apk.


SuperSU Pro Apk SuperSU Pro Apk

All about SuperSU Pro Apk

The developer Chainfire team has released this rooting tool for the Android community to get the utmost experience to the end user. Through this rooting tool, you can increase your device performance fixing bugs and improvements as well. While using this rooting tool each Android device user could find some fundamental problems on their device. Therefore Chainfire team has released bug fix version and they have been added a lot of improvements to the versions as well. Rooting will help you to get well-organized device to your smart device.

SuperSU Pro is a useful and straightforward rooting tool that allows working with your smart device as the best superuser access management in the future. At the same time, you can complete two tasks without any issues through Android rooting on your device. Anyhow, SuperSU Pro Apk will keep your Android smart device in a better manner including stunning features. You can remove all the barriers on your Android smart device imposed by manufacturer company through this reliable rooting tool right now which make a safe rooting customization process to your device.

What’s new in SuperSU Pro Apk?

  • Pin Protection
  • Full color-coded command content logging
  • Per-app user override
  • OTA survival modeYou can easily grant/ deny root to an app for a fixed amount of time
  • Adjust auto deny countdown
  • Per-app logging configuration
  • SU binary – fix the possible NPE in LD PRELOAD sanitization.
  • SUpolicy – ensure the zero on alloc for the new rules.
  • SUpolicy – the fix parsing allow xperm with multiple sources/ targets in a single definition.
  • SU binary – ensure the path includes su/ bin and su/xbin in a systemless mode
  • SU binary – Adjust the zygote PID detection to prefer the 64 bit
  • SZIP/systemless – give su.d 60 seconds for execution
  • SU binary – Adjust the app process detection with the manipulated mount namespaces.

Importance of SuperSU Pro Apk

Android rooting via SuperSU Pro Apk has a smooth and versatile process for the Android users and you can use it for any Android version without any issues. According to the news feed, you can root your smart device with Android P latest version as well. So do not hesitate to root your Android smart device with SuperSU Pro due to it will improve your device performance within a few seconds. Finally, SuperSU Pro is the most compatible rooting tool for the community that allows enhancing your device performance easily.

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