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WebP is a modern image format developed by Google which allows you to convert images into smaller sized higher quality versions of themselves through both lossy and lossless compression techniques. Online WebP Converter tool was developed for the purpose of facilitating such conversions both to WebP format and vice versa. The smaller, richer quality images that are gained from the conversion work well to allow faster more responsive web page activity and loading.

Online WebP Converter

How does Online WebP converter work?

Online WebP converter tool makes use of either lossy or lossless compression techniques to convert images from formats like JPG, PNG, and Tiff etc. or vice versa.

Lossy WebP Compression:

Lossy WebP compression is better suited for converting text and data files or for very small images as image quality is reduced along with size when using this technique. Additionally, the original data is lost after conversion making it impossible to return to the original image after the conversion has been carried out. Online WebP converter lossy web compressions support tools and plugins such as WebP Photoshop Plugin which is not directly supported for lossless compressions.

Lossless WebP Compression:

Lossless WebP compression techniques are better suited for image conversions than lossy compression techniques as it facilitates size reduction without simultaneous loss of quality. Online WebP converter makes use of both these techniques to provide users with lightweight images that support fast loading web pages.

Why choose Online WebP Converter?

As mentioned previously, WebP conversions and Online WebP Converter tool will be extremely useful for webmasters who are specializing in developing light weighted web pages that support faster and more efficient activity. Here are some other prominent factors that should tell you why exactly you should be using this tool.

  • WebP converter is a free open source software.
  • You can reduce images by roughly 26% of their original size while maintaining quality.
  • WebP conversion allows you to handle richer quality images that support fast loading web pages.
  • There is no need to involve third-party image optimization tools when working with WebP converter.
  • Online WebP converter is simple and easy to use.

WebP Converter

Supported browsers and software for Online WebP converter

WebP converter software is natively supported on both Google and Opera web browsers. Additionally image editing graphics software like Picasa, Konverter, PhotoLine and Adobe Photoshop support WebP image formatting and editing.

How to use Online WebP Converter

WebP conversion can be carried out either by downloading the conversion software XnConvert or by using the online Cloud Convert service. You can also get the WebP codec which supports your operating system and allows you to open and view WebP files on your Windows Explorer. Here’s how you can use Cloud Convert to carry out your WebP image conversions.

Step 1:

First, open your web browser and visit the Cloud Convert official website to access Online WebP converter tool. (If you wish to use a different site, there are numerous other online converters available that function similarly to Cloud Convert)

Step 2:

Click on the tab ‘Select files’ to choose the files you wish to convert.

Step 3:

Once you have selected all your images or files, choose the format you want from the list available.

Step 4:

Click on the settings icon next to the ‘choose format’ tab if you want to resize, rotate or change any other properties of the images selected.

Step 5:

Click ‘Start Conversion’ to finish.

Developer Credits

WebP image format and Online WebP Converter was developed by Google Inc. in 2010.

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