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All the Apple devices come with amazing features and there are loads of apps in the app store which you can download as the sidekicks. But there are alternatives out there to each and every feature of Apple devices which provides you better functionality with the usage. For those who are interested in using these more beneficial alternatives, the iTools download is the best alternative to iTunes on your Apple device. So among loads of alternatives to iOS functions, here we’re going to discuss the alternative to iTunes, the iTools download




What is iTools download?


If you’re an Apple user you already know the process of iTunes and iTools download comes as the best alternative to this iTunes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iTools download allows you to access the entire file system of your iDevice via your PC without affecting your system with iTunes. An iDevice with iTools can manage all your media library and sync video, music, iBooks and photos with your iDevice.


With iTools download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, managing your iDevice is nothing more than an easy task. You can take super backups of your whole device data and check for available updates. In addition, you’re permitted to do all the editings with all your contents of messages, contacts, notes, calendar, call history, etc. So if you’re fed up with using the default iTunes comes to your iDevice you can switch to iTools download which is the super solution by the folks in Hong Kong.


How is iTools download better than iTunes?


The software incorporated the same main features of iTunes; the style and menu bar on the left. But iTools download has loads of impressive features which is added to the iTunes features so that it adds you more functionality to your iOS management. The iTools download is the forerunner in all ability to work, working speed, interface, and popularity. Unlike the iTunes, iTools automatically convert the file formats to the compatibility, faster than iTunes, requires less memory space, and has a window-style user-friendly interface which allows you to easy file management even for a beginner. Considering all these beneficial facts, there’s no need of think twice to switch to iTools download from iTunes. Besides, when comes to the usage of the amazing toolbox in iTools, you must try this alternative application.


Features of iTools download


  • All your battery management problems can be solved in a blink with iTools usage as Battery Master provides you a complete detailed report of your device battery which includes battery health, actual capacity, current voltage, battery temperature, electric current, etc.
  • You’re allowed to take backups and restore them at any time you want.
  • You can transfer all your device data such as images, videos, audios, documents, podcasts, etc. between your device and PC with the usage of File Transfer Tool.
  • The ability to preview the images with the original resolution and share then between device and PC comes with the iTools Image Tool.
  • Ringtone Maker can set your favorite music file as your device’s ringing tone.
  • Whenever you’re planning to switch your whole device data to another device, iTools Data Migration Tool is there to do it without spending much time and much effort.
  • Icon Arranger can be used as the super arranger of your icons on the device screen.
  • Your PC’s widescreen can be shared with your iDevice by AirPlayer to have gaming and video watching the fun.




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