iTools Location Spoof

First We Have to Know What is iTools?

iTools is a very special device manager designed to be used with Windows and Mac computers to manage the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. There are many advantages in using iTools over the other device managers. iTools Location Spoof is among such amazing features of the iTools application.

iTools Location Spoof

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Who is The Developer of iTools?

iTools is developed by the ThinkSky Technology developers. It was first released in 2011 mainly focused on managing iOS devices through Mac computers. Later the compatibility extended in a sperate version for the Windows computers. iTools are released in two main languages as English and Chinese. The latest version of iTools is iTools 4. It was released along with the release of iPhone X in late 2017. Therefore, iTools 4 is compatible with iOS 11.4.1. iTools 4 latest features included a new feature known as the Virtual location, which is used for the iTools Location Spoof.

Introductions to iTools Location Spoof

This new feature is provided by the Virtual location facility of the iTools 4. A virtual location is a way to temporarily change the GPS location of your iOS device to show a fake device location. This is used to show any place u=in the world as your device location. iTools Location Spoof is used by many users for many different purposes. But the major use of the iTools Location Spoof feature is to play games which make use of your location to give you game points. One such popular game is Pokémon Go. For this game, you need to be in places where it is most crowded to catch the greatest number of players. But this can be very tiresome running around after some time and if you are in a very small populated area this can be a very tough thing to do. So, through the iTools Location Spoof feature, you can go to any crowded place in the world virtually to play your game. But as soon as you exit the feature, your location will be reset to the original.

How to use iTools Location Spoof Feature

This feature is activated through the iTools 4 application in your PC. First, you must connect your iOS device to your PC while the iTools application is running.

  • Close any applications which use the location in your iOS device such as the Pokémon Go.
  • Then go to the Virtual location feature in iTools 4. Activate it. Then you will see that the Developer Mode is activated in your iOS device.
  • A map will open, which will show your real location in the world.
  • Then you can select any of the locations in the world which you want to be shown as your virtual location and give Move Here command.
  • Then your GPS location will shift immediately to the selected location.
  • You can use the game or any other application you want to use with your fake location while this mode is activated.

But you must keep in mind that once you close that map or the iTools application, iTools Location Spoof will stop working and your location will be immediately reset to the original location of your device.

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