iTools Latest Version For 64 Bit

iTools Latest Version For 64 Bit and 32 Bit


iTools 4 is the latest version of iTools for 64-bit and 32-bit computers.Every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user are aware of the major role iTunes play in the Apple devices.That complementary software is to be installed in the computer to handle the applications and to back up the media files in the Apple devices.If you are familiar with it, then you know the complications of iTunes.iTools latest version for 64-bit computers is designed to overcome these problems with the Management of Apple mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Previous versions of iTools for 64 Bit computers and 32-bit computers


iTools – Released on 20.02.2015
iTools – Released on 28.05.2015
iTools – Released on 18.08.2015
iTools – Released on 04.12.2015
iTools – Released on 01.01.2015
iTools – Released on 20.02.2015
iTools – Released on 20.02.2015
iTools – Released on 24.07.2017
iTools – Released on 27.07.2017
iTools – Released on 26.08.2017
iTools – Released on 15.09.2017
iTools – Released on 23.12.2017
iTools – Released on 02.03.2018
iTools – Released on 15.03.2018
iTools – Released on 17.03.2018 (iTools latest version for 64-bit)

Highlight features in the iTools 4 – Latest Version 64-bit


iTools latest version, iTools is Completely Free and does not require any kinds of license to download the latest version of iTools.This version of iTools will give you much more access to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch like devices than the earlier versions of iTools.Though this latest version is completely free it does not consist of any advertisements or popups. Unlike many free versions of this type of complementary software latest version of iTools 4 for 64-bit version of Windows is less complicated.

This version is very user-friendly and easy to learn.System Cleanup Tools are an as good as ever highlight of the iTools Latest version for the 64-bit windows.This is an administration you would not get through iTunes in light of the fact that the Apple Inc has not given any sort of System cleanup includes by their frameworks.iTools latest 64-bit version works with both the jailbroken and non-jail broken gadgets.Furthermore, you don’t need to worry in the event that you have already changed the system of your Apple device since it won’t prevent you from utilizing iTools 4 for windows.But there are certain cons in this version such as having trouble in accessing devices sometimes and being slow in accessing other devices etc.

The new iTools for Windows 64-bit is quite straightforward to utilize while in the meantime it utilizes similar design patterns of the Apple Inc with some extra fascinating highlights to enhance Original iTunes basic standards.This version of iTools works well with both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows computers in the same way. But performance will be higher in a 64-bit system naturally.

ThinkSky software, who are the developers of the iTools have included more details about ITools Latest version (for windows 64-bit version) On their website:

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