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iTools Latest Version For Windows And Mac PC


iTools is the product of ThinkSky Technology. First introduced in 2011. The target of iTools is the iOS device user community. iTools provides device management options for all the iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. As we have continuously discussed in our previous articles related to this topic iTools is a very essential application to your iPhone, especially the iTools latest version. Since the first release of iTools version 1 in 2011, it has gained much popularity over the past decade. Therefore, the Think Sky technology has been constantly renewing the features from time to time to enhance the user experience and also to keep up with the latest features of iTunes that come up with each new version of iOS. iTools Latest version so far is iTools released no more than three weeks ago by the date of writing this article in April 2018.

iTools is undoubtedly the greatest solution or the substitute for iTunes; device management application. iTunes is one essential application that comes in default on your iOS device. iOS devices are way useless if you are not well aware of the ways in which you can effectively use the iTunes. But the iTunes is an annoying application which has some variety of versatile features, but at the same time is very complex due to the iOS interface. This is why most tend to move along with the iTools rather than sticking to the default application, iTunes. This as we know by experiencing and many user reviews are the best choice you can make when it comes to your iPhone. the iTools latest version can make your life much easy and less complicated.


Further, the iTools latest version comes with the best new features, that are sometimes not even found in the iTunes at all. But there are certain disadvantages in using the iTools over iTunes. One is the restricted access to the iTunes web store. But you still can access the songs and other media files you already have backed up to your iTunes store by using the iTools 4 latest version. Also, iTools connection to your iOS device is a bit delayed. It takes a little time to establish the wireless conception between the PC and the mobile device. Other than those negative points iTools latest version has many highlightable features which are pretty impressive.

Some of those features of iTools latest include,


  • iTools easy to handle user-friendly GUI which is almost similar to Windows Explorer.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker which allows you to customize the ringtone of your iPhone with any of your favorite songs.
  • iTools Battery Master to manage the battery usage of applications on your iPhone.
  • iTools Air Player which comes along with the iTools package is a very diverse media player that is much more than just a media player.
  • iTools system cleanup and device optimization tools are a unique feature found only in iTools. etc.

The iTools latest can be downloaded from the official site of the developer, while some cracked versions are also available.

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