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iTools application developed by the US-based company names Thinksoft changed the way we use out media file on the iOS device. The application development company is involved in the developing the various kinds of software in the industry. iTools is one of the software that got the reorganization from the users all around the world. iTools download iOS version software reached across the world immediately after its launch. A company offered the first version for free to download which attracted many enthusiastic iOS software users to try this new application. Many users have found the iTools download iOS version is completely different compared to the original iTunes application. iTools app has many new features that you will not find in the iTunes app. The features are entertaining and useful at the same time. You can do much more with these features and get your job done in the shortest period of time.

iTools is specially designed for the iOS users by the Thinksoft software company. They wanted to give the advantage to the users to do more with the media file management software. They were having the vision to provide the features that they will not find in the normal iTunes application. The development team worked hard to make the software do a better job in the industry. Their hard work eventually paid off and the software got the require appreciation from the users.

Get your own iTools Download iOS:


Users who are willing to get the iTools Download iOS version on their device can simply visit the official website or search on the web to find the download link. The application is free to use so you do not need to pay anything to access the application features. Simply download the application on your computer and start installing it. Once the application is installed successfully on your computer you will find the icon on the desktop. Click the icon and open the dashboard. The iTools Download iOS application has a user-friendly design. It works best on any operating systems. Start testing all the features one by one and explore it. See what can be done with the features that available in the application.

iTools Download iOS features:

You can explore following features in the application:

1) File Manager: You may have use file manager features in earlier Symbian phones. The old feature is still in the operation and gives you the ability to manage all your files in systematic ways. File manager feature enables you to keep your files in designated folders. It is similar to the way you arrange all your files on your computer. Simply open the feature and create the folder in the file manager to add a specific file in the folder.

2) App Management: The app management feature is useful for the re-arranging the application on your iOS devices. Instead of doing it on the device, you can simply connect your iOS device to the iTools application and use the mouse to re-arrange them. You can perform the activity faster.

3) Ringtone Maker: This is another best feature available in iTools Download iOS version. You can access any mp3 or audio file in the software and turn the music file into an interesting ringtone. The software allows you to crop and update the music file as per the length and its quality.

Get your iTools Download iOS today and start experiencing the new world of iTools.

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