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What is iTools Download for iOS?

iTools is this great alternative for the iTunes in your iOS devices. iTools Download makes it possible to completely control your iOS device without the iTunes device manager. You can get iTools Download through the official site of the developer by purchasing the license key. Further, iTools Download for free is available on many other websites with the free license key to activate the iTools setup.

iTools download

iTools is this amazing software, through which you could accomplish most of the device management requirements of your iOS device either iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. By iTools Download, you replace the default iOS device manager in your iOS device.

Why go for an alternative?

While you have this popular application, iTunes, why should we see for new alternatives? If you are familiar with the iTunes application in your iOS device you may already be aware that iTunes serve two purposes as, iTunes media store owned by the Apple Inc. through which they sell media files of all kinds to the device users. iTunes device manager which is less popular due to the complex interface designed mostly for the Advanced user community. Therefore, obviously, iTools is not much popular as a device manager. Most of the users go looking for a better alternative which easily is the iTools Download for them.


iTools Download

Disadvantages of replacing iTunes

Though it is not popular as a device manager, it is, of course, famous and very useful as a media store. Therefore, if you are subscribed user of the iTunes media store you will miss iTunes, because once you install iTools, iTunes must be uninstalled. Further, the speed of media file transfer is not as high in iTools compared to the iTunes, because it takes a certain time for iTools to connect with the iOS device, especially with a wireless connectivity.

What is the best alternative to iTunes?

The best option you can go for is the iTools Download which is easy and simple. The iTools application consists of a very simple interface with all the range of versatile features you see in the iTunes application, plus many more additional features. Therefore, once you set iTools Download you can have a simple but very effective device management.

About the developers

iTools was first released in 2011. the developers of the iTools is a Software company named Think Sky Technology. They have also developed another popular application known as the iTools Air Player. It is a more interactive media player with many additional features. When you go for iTools Download, you get iTools Air Player for free along with the setup of iTools.

Is it free?

iTools is licensed freeware, meaning that you must license the application at the beginning but once you activate the product it is free to be used for the rest of the software lifetime. This license includes two parts as license key one and two which you get with iTools Download with the license key. But if you want the application for totally free, there are cracked versions of the license key available very abundantly even for the latest version of the iTools Download.

iTools download latest versions

When you want to go for iTools Download, you usually get the latest version of iTools which is available through the official site of the developer. The latest version of iTools is iTools 4 released in late 2017 along with the release of the iPhone X. The latest revisit of the application was in July 2018, as iTools

The latest version of the iTools extends the support to iOS 11.4.1. Therefore, it is compatible with many of the latest iOS device including,

  • iPhone X
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini
  • iPhone 8, 8 plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch 6th gen etc.

The support extends up to the iOS 6 version.

PC support for iTools Download

iTools 4 comes in two different versions as iTools for Mac and iTools for Windows. iTools for Mac supports Mac OS only while iTools 4 for Windows supports Windows Operating System supported devices. iTools support for Operating systems include,

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 7 etc.

and Mac OS latest versions include Mac OS High Sierra.

Language Support

You can go for iTools Download in two main languages as the English version of iTools for and Chinese version of iTools 4. Both these versions provide you with the same set of cool features.

iTools Download highlight features

There are many cool features in the latest version of the iTools that it is very convenient and efficient for the iOS device users. First, you must go for iTools Download and then install the setup, activate it with the purchased license key and you get the below features

Media Transfer

  • iOS device and the pc can be connected through a USB cable or wireless direct WIFI connection. Once connected the device can transfer files among each other through the iTools application. Therefore, it is very convenient for the transfer of media files such as Videos, Music, Podcasts etc. between the devices.
  • Not only media files, you can also transfer files like Photos, Documents, text message backups etc.

Backup and Restore

  • Media files and other important files such as photos can be back up to the pc hard drive of yours very easily through the iTools Download.
  • The files backed up can be restored easily through with the simple one clicks interface of the iTools application.

Super Backup and Super restore

  • iTools lets you clone your iOS device to your PC and later it can be restored through the iTools Application.

iTools Ringtone maker to customize the device ringtones.

iTools Battery master with all its Battery life-related features.

Manage your Contacts and text messages through the iTools application easily.

iTools Virtual location

To fake, the location is shown by your device GPS temporarily in any location in the world you want.

Jailbreak required?

iTools Download does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone for any of its features to be used.

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