iTools 4 for iPhone 2018

Introduction to iTools 4


iTools 4 for iPhone is a term referring to the latest iTools version, iTools 4. iTools 4 is compatible with iPhone X powered by the iOS 11.4. Therefore, it is also known as iTools 4 for iPhone X. iTools was first introduced by a group of developers by the name Think Sky Technology in 2011. iTools was introduced as a device management application, which soon started replacing the iTunes application in most iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPods etc. iTools 4 for iPhone is the latest version of iTools released in early 2018. Since then there have been many changes in that as well, up to the latest version, iTools released in June 2018. iTools 4 for iPhone is very successful as a device management application, then the iTunes.

iTools 4 iPhone
iTunes was first introduced by Apple Inc as a platform to store Music files so that they can be sold to the iOS device users. Later only it evolved into a full-scale device manager with a platform for all media files as well. As a media store, iTunes is very successful and popular. But not as a device manager. The interface is not very user-friendly when it comes to the device management utilities. The interface is said to be targeted for more advanced users and high – end customers. Most ordinary users suffer the consequences of this choice of a target user. Therefore, as soon as iTools 4 for iPhone was released it became much popular among the users who were confused with the iTunes utilities. iTools 4 has the simplest interface, which is suitable to be used by the users in different technical knowledge levels. Some say that the interface easy to learn just like the Windows Explorer Interface.

Features in iTools 4 for iPhone


There are several important features of iTools. Some of them are featured on iTunes as well, but iTools has improved them. Some are unique features to iTools.

The best thing about iTools is you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device.

Media Transfer:


iTools provides easy transfer of media and other types of files between iOS devices and PC. This transferring is completely wireless and remote. If the two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and have iTools installed in both, files can be transferred remotely. This file transfer is a background process. It consumes less power and storage space to complete a transfer and is very fast compared to other such tools.


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Application Manager:


iTunes Application manager is well-structured section. Through this installation and uninstallation of other applications are handled. Also, the customization of app icons in the iPhone is possible.

iTools Backup:


iTools has the very powerful backup and restores facilities. Therefore, you can backup media files to the PC and restore them later when needed. Further, it allows the users to completely clone the iPhone to the PC if needed.

iTools Accessories:


Aside from above main features, there are tools to control contacts and text messages in the iPhone, to convert media files to MP3 files etc. as well.

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