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iTools is the alternate device management application for the iOS mobile devices. the iTools latest version is the iTools 4. iTools was released in June 2018. iTools was introduced for the first time in 2011 by the Think Sky Technology Software solutions. There are many advanced features in iTools 4. iTools is an application used to replace the iTunes in the iOS mobiles. iTools empowers you to alter your iOS mobile phone with the Windows or Mac PC. ITools users can move the music and other media records over the two devices back and forth. There is the straightforward interface limit very remotely to your PC which makes your life significantly less complicated. Through this article, we are going to discuss the iTools 4 downloads free version. But there are many advantages in purchasing the licensed version as well such as lifetime free updates for the application, lifetime free specific technical help is given by the programmer group to help the issues in using the iTools application. Once you download either iTools for Mac or iTools for Windows you get the addition of the iTools Air Player as an additional application. This is the licensed version of Air Player as well.

iTools 4 full free

Important iTools 4 Download Features

Further all the great and cool features are joined into the package, for instance, the iTools application managers, iTools Battery Master, iTools Ringtone Maker, iTools device management tools and iTools Air Player. iTools has the best intelligent application interface. It has this basic GUI which is near the interface of the Windows Explorer which is anything but difficult to figure out how to use than the very confusing interface of the iTunes.

iTools gives its users the property of simple exchanging of the media files and other files too from your iOS device. The backup and restore of media files feature in the iTools which would enable you to back up all the media files into your PCs effectively. Further iTools has a very special feature called the cloning. Through this feature, the iPhone is clone to the Windows or Mac PC very easily. This is also known as the super backup feature. Tools have the iTools Ringtone Maker which can make your iPhone ringtone out of any of your main tunes. 100% adaptability is given to your ringtone.

iTools 4 Download free version can be downloaded through many sites on the Internet. Those applications usually consist of the set-up of the application and the keygen application accessory used in generating a suitable key for the application. iTools 4 download free versions are also a bit slower. Overall the connection time taken by the iTools application to connect the iOS device to the Windows PC is anyway much slower than the iTunes storages. This is one big disadvantage of the iTools. Further, the access to the iTunes is very much limited by the iTools application. But still, the backed-up files into the iTunes are accessible by the iTools application.

iTools 4 download free is the best alternative you can have in the iOS device instead of iTunes application.

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