iPhone Blue Screen of Death

iPhone Blue Screen of Death

Many T-Mobile iPhone users are complaining about “iPhone Blue screen of death.” Especially, this bug happens to iPhone 5 and 5S devices. This bug doesn’t affect only to T-Mobile iPhone users, but also few of At&T iPhone users. I’m using At&T iPhone and I have to face this deadly bug (iPhone Blue Screen) since a couple of days ago and my iPhone screen turns into a blue screen of death.


What is happening on iPhone Blue Screen of Death?

Most of the affected users are expressing that their iPhone restarting repeatedly and appearing iPhone blue screen until the battery is dead. I have told you that I’m using At&T iPhone. I’m the one who affected by this blue screen bug. However, my iPhone didn’t restart repeatedly and it was only stuck on blue screen until the battery is dead.

I had experience with this issue for 24 hours and I know how it feels. I have followed couple of things to fix my iPhone blue screen of death.

Which iPhones are affected with blue screen of death?

This bug mostly affected to iPhone 5 and 5S users and few of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5C, 4 and 4s users.

iPhone 6 and 6 plus randomly restarting itself every 10-30 minutes after affected by blue screen bug. It happened on iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.3 versions. T-Mobile support staff said, T-Mobile believes a memory problem of iPhones might be the cause of the restarts with blue screen.

How to fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death?

I have done a couple of things on my iPhone after affected. Wait until the battery is dead and then plug your iPhone to the charger. If there’s not appearing indicator during charging, unplug from the cable. After that remove all screws and securely take off the front panel and disconnect the battery at least 30 minutes. Then connect the battery and plug your iPhone to the charger. After a couple of minutes, it will appear the charging indicator and your iPhone will work as usual. However, I have followed below tutorial video.

I tried this method myself because of my iPhone warranty expired. If your iPhone is in under warranty, do not use this method cause it will void the warranty if it is going wrong. Please stay with us for more iOS updates.Like us on Facebook.


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