iCloud Removal Tools

The iCloud removal tool is an online service that allows you to remove the iCloud account associated with your iOS device in the event that the account becomes inaccessible or does not function properly. Most iOS device users come across iCloud account problems during the iCloud activation or when working with used devices bought second hand. In most of these cases, what happens is that you get locked out of your device either due to an unknown password or due to the device being activated under the account of a previous owner. In both of these cases, your only option would be to use an iCloud removal tool in order to avoid having to sell your device.

iCloud Removal Tool

iCloud Removal Tool

iCloud removal tools make use of the device’s IMEI number in order to remove the problematic account from your device and allow you to easily reconnect using your own iCloud account. The service carries out either temporary or permanent removal of the iCloud account from your iOS device based on the situation. Of course, one thing that you should keep in mind is that removing an iCloud account from a device can be used to gain unauthorized access into your device, and hence the service is restricted for all devices reported ass either lost or stolen.

Where should you use an iCloud removal tool?

If your iCloud account isn’t functioning properly

In a case where you own an iOS device that has been already activated under a proper iCloud account, then you might need to use an iCloud removal tool to remove the offending account temporarily and add it again later.

If you have bought a used iOS device

If you’re someone who deals with used iOS devices, chances are, you will buy a device that is still activated under the iCloud account of the previous owner. If this happens then you will have to use an iCloud removal tool to remove the iCloud account form the device and reactivate it under your own account.

If you are planning to sell your iOS device

If you are planning on selling your iOS device then you will have already deleted your iCloud account from the device. However, what most people don’t realize is that simply deleting the account does not get rid of the information associated with it and that a hacker with the proper tools could quite easily retrieve your personal information from your device. Therefore, using an iCloud removal tool to permanently remove the account and its details would be a much safer option.

Using an iCloud Removal Tool

Temporary iCloud removal:

Temporary removal of an iCloud account can be carried in a situation where the device is activated under your account, but it isn’t working properly. In this case, follow these simple steps to temporarily remove iCloud from your device. In this case, you don’t specifically need to use an iCloud removal tool.

Step 1: Go to the settings icon on your device and scroll down till you find the iCloud settings.
Step 2: Find the option to delete your account and confirm that you want to remove the account.

Permanent iCloud removal:

Using an iCloud removal tool to permanently remove iCloud from your device should be carried out in situations where you want the device to be associated with a new account. Here’s what you should do.

Step 1: Go to your device settings and choose the general -> about, to get your IMEI number.
Step 2: Provide your chosen online iCloud removal tool with the IMEI number.

Most iCloud removal services take at least 4-5 working days to complete an order so you should probably be able to get iCloud back up and running in about a week or so.

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