How to Reduce eBay Selling Fees & Earn More Profit

Hi guys, today I’m gonna show you about “eBay Selling Fees.” If we know, how to manage the eBay selling fees,

  • We don’t want to pay more fees to the eBay & we can save our money.
  • We can always list more profitable items on eBay.
  • Not only eBay, we are dealing with PayPal & also we have to know about the PayPal fees too.

 There are various fees on eBay and we don’t want to pay all the eBay selling fees.

  1. Insertion Fees
  2. Listing Upgrades Fees
  3. Picture Service Fees
  4. Final Value Fees
  5. Store Subscription Fees
  6. Store Insertion Fees
  7. Store Final Value Fees
  8. PayPal Fees

Insertion Fees 

When we list our items on eBay, we have to pay insertion fees for our listings. Fortunately, eBay gives us special free listing offers such as, 100 free listings every month or 1000 free listings for special promotions in seasons. If we exceed the free offer we have to pay  insertion fee for our each new listing. Unfortunately, it is charged even if our items do not sell or customers don’t pay for the items.

 Listing Starting Price         


 $ 0.01 –  $ 0.99 $ 0.15
 $ 1.00 – $ 9.99 $ 0.35
 $ 10.00 – $ 24.99  $ 0.55
 $ 25.00 – $ 49.99  $ 1
 $50.00 – $199.99  $ 2
 $200.00 – $499.99  $ 3
$500 or More+  $ 4

  Listing Upgrades Fees

When we making listings, there are special features to add. We need to pay fees for most of the features. Let’s see what are the listing upgrade features & fees,

  Listing Upgrades             

 Auction Style Listings 
 Duration 3,5,7,10 Days 
 Duration 30 Days  
 Scheduled Listings -:We can manage our listings starting and end time by Scheduling.

 Free Free Free
 Gallery Plus -: We can attract buyers from our listing pictures in the search. Fortunately this feature is free in the Art, Pottery & Glass, and Antiques categories.

 $ 0.35 $ 0.35  $ 1
 Listing Designer -: This feature is free on selling manager pro. We can add a theme for our listing.

 $ 0.10  $ 0.10 $ 0.30
 Subtitle -: We can add short summery of our product with this feature.

 $ 0.50   $ 0.50  $ 1.50
 Bold -: We can highlight our listings in the search result by displaying our item title in bold.

 $ 2  $ 2 $ 4
 Value Pack -: This is a special package including Gallery plus, Listing designer and subtitle.  $ 0.65  $ 0.65  $ 2

In additional, I need to tell you, each time when we relist our listings we have to pay fees which we added. Everyone need to know about eBay selling fees before start selling.  If you new to eBay, I recommend you to read our first article. Click here. and Click here for eBay help pages. Selling on eBay Fees

 Final Value Fees

When we sell an item on eBay, we will be charged a final value fee. If the listing ends without any sale, we don’t want to pay final value fee. The final value fees are calculated based on our total amount of the item including shipping cost. At the present we have to pay 10% of the total price including postage.  We will never pay more than £250 as a final value fee.

                              e.g.-: Sold price      = $ 25

                                       Shipping cost = $ 5

                                      Total                 = $ 30

                                      The Final Value Fee is $ 30 × 10% = $ 0.3

Sometimes buyers win the auctions and don’t pay for the item. However, we have to pay the final value fees for them. I recommend you to send them a message first. Then send them invoice twice. Later request to cancel the transaction never select the reason as you are running out of stock or other. If we select that reason and cancel a couple of transactions. eBay will decrease our ratings and restrict our eBay selling. We need to manage all the sides carefully.

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