How to Hide Root with Magisk Root

Want to Hide Root with Magisk Root and use root unsupported Apps on your Rooted device? Here is the chance now you can download any App on your rooted device with the help of systemless Magisk Root and its all for 100% free!! Magisk Root is known as the best alternative for Xda Chainfire’s best tool SuperSU Root and Magisk also developed by one of the senior Xda developer topjohnwu. Compare to other tools Magisk is much better in various new aspects and as a result of that various ROM developers also start to including Magisk in official ROMs as well. Magisk Hide is also one of the most highlighted feature of Magisk Root and in this article, we are going to explain to you How to Hide Root with Magisk Root.

Hide Root with Magisk Root

What is Magisk Root?

Magisk Root is one of the most advanced Android Rooting tool that ever developed. Rather than root Android, Magisk comes with extended new features which allow users to enhance the common rooting tool. In other words, Magisk has taken normal Root to a whole new level by releasing Systemless Root and the most significant feature Magisk Hide. So if you are using Magisk Root to Root your device, then you can hide root from Apps which normally do not run on a rooted Android device. As an example, you can’t run any type of banking App on any Rooted device even you use SuperSU Root. But if you Root your device with Magisk, then you can make it happen with the help of Magisk Hide feature.

What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk Hide is a feature that comes with Magisk Manager which allow users to hide Root for any Application which installed on the device. If you are interested in Android Rooting stuff then you must already know most of the popular Apps like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Banking Apps and even Android Pay is not work in rooted devices. So if you have rooted your device and had these types of problems then we got the correct solution for you and that is “Magisk Hide”.

Advantages of Hide Root with Magisk Root

Compare to other rooting tools in the market such as SuperSU, Kingo etc. Magisk has so many different advantages and here are some of the most highlighted advantages of hiding Root with Magisk Root.

  • Magisk does not touch any of your system partitions or files. That means root with magisk does not make any changes in system partition or it doesn’t add any files into your system partition as well.
  • Once you completely root your device with Magisk Root, you can download and run any type of a Banking App with the help of Magisk Hide easily.
  • You can play your favorite root unsupported Apps such as most well known Pokemon Go.
  • You can run Snapchat and so many other root unsupported social media Apps by simply selecting them through Magisk Hide.
  • You can also install OTA updates and Systemless Xposed on your Rooted device with the help of this amazing Rooting tool Magisk.
  • Hide Root with Magisk Root also allow you to bypass Google’s SafetyNet and Android Pay and Magisk is the only tool that you can use to achieve these goals on a rooted device as well.

How to How to Hide Root with Magisk Root

Follow the gives steps to download and Hide Root with Magisk Root easily.

Step 01 – Download Magisk Manager and install it on your Android running device from here. (follow the download and installation guidance given in the link)

Step 02 – Open Magisk App and swipe to right and click on “Settings”.

Step 03 – Enable the Magisk Hide feature on the Settings panel by check the mark.

Step 04 – Now go back by pressing back button and now you can see “Magisk Hide” function in the side navigation bar.

Step 05 – Now you can start to Hide Root with Magisk Root by click on Magisk Hide feature.

Step 06 – Select the App that you want to hide from the list and press the Hide button to make it hide.

If you have any other question, feel free to comment below and thank you for reading!

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