How to Hide Root with Magisk Root

As we know Android root is the only single way to unleash the true potential of an Android running device. Since the beginning, thousands and thousands of people used various tools to root different versions of Android. But unfortunately, most people regret to use those tools as Android root is known as a risky process and some Apps does not work on Rooted devices as well. This might be the reason why people start to search for a better rooting tool that has proper solutions for those two problems. Anyhow one of the most well known Android root developer topjohnwu (John Wu) managed to find a solution for this whole issue, and it was known as Magisk Root. Magisk Root becomes the first systemless Android rooting tool, and it is the safest way to Root an Android device without affecting device system files as well. Hide Root with Magisk is also one of the highlighted features of Magisk Root and it allows users to hide root from unsupported root Apps easily. So here we are going to give you a detailed introduction about Magisk root and also a complete guide about “How to Hide Root with Magisk” as well.

How to Hide Root with Magisk

Magisk – A Perfect Android Rooting Tool


Without no doubt, Hide Root with Magisk is the best feature of Magisk as it allows users to circumvent Google SafetyNet API without having any issue easily. This amazing feature detects when the system been modified and block Apps such as Banking Apps, Netflix, Snapchat, Android Pay, Pokemon Go, etc.

The Systemless rooting feature is also one of the best quality features of magisk, and it allows the user to bypass Google’s SafetyNet check without having any issue.

You can use Magisk Modules to customize and modify almost everything on your Android device easily. Magisk is also capable of using advanced modification modules such as Xposed Framework as well.

How to Hide Root with Magisk

“Magisk Hide” is the feature that allows the user to put a cloaking device on Root permission for certain root unsupported Apps. As we know, you can’t use most of the Apps on a Rooted Android device. But with the help of this awesome tool, every App that you choose on Magisk Hide won’t notice that your device has been rooted. As a result of that Google’s SafetyNet will not be triggered and you will be able to use all of you Apps without having any problem. Follow the given steps to Hide Root with Magisk easily.

Step 01 – You will have to use Magisk Manager App to activate this feature. So tap on Magisk Manager and go to “Settings” and find “Magisk Hide” and enable it.
How to Hide Root with MagiskStep 02 – Now you can open the slide-out menu, and you will see Magisk Hide feature on it. Once you tap on it, it will open a list of installed Applications on your Android device.
Hide Root with MagiskStep 03 – You can start to hide the Apps by check the boxes in front of each App.
Hide Root with MagiskYou completed Hide Root with Magisk tutorial. Stay tuned with us to get more Magisk related features and updates.

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