eBay Selling Tips – Worst Messages Part 2

Hi guys, we discussed about Worst Messages¬†of eBay part 1. That was eBay selling tips 9. Today I’m going to show you the other eBay selling restriction methods.

MC198 INI Temporary Selling Restriction

This is not so worst ūüôā because there’s a chance to protect our selling privileges. eBay will suspend our selling account temporarily. Now, I’m going to tell you the reasons. Please mind these eBay selling tips. If you are a beginner, these tutorials value is unlimited. Let’s get to the point,

If we break up eBay policies. They will warn us, first red light with Temporary Selling Restriction/Removing our Listings. If we have found special items on dropshipping sites, we never think twice and list them on eBay. Earn lots of profits on each item that we sell. Unfortunately, most of them have rights such as patent rights, copyrights and so on. After a couple of days you will receive a email/message from eBay and all of your policy violation listings will be removed.

ebay selling tips
First restriction will be only for 3 days, if you list again and again. eBay will warn you second red light with selling restriction for 7 days. Third red light will be for 30 days. Fourth one will be for forever. I recommend you to never ignore eBay warnings. Click here to for eBay more policies.

ebay selling tips

 MC011 Your eBay selling account has been restricted

This is one of the annoying messages from eBay. If we sell many items every day and reach selling limits, eBay need to identify our items and our identity. So, they will temporarily restrict our selling privileges. Click here for the customer support secrets.

ebay selling tips

Thank you for staying with us and share our articles and like them. Guys don’t even think to ignore eBay messages. If you do so,¬†you will lose your account permanently. Unfortunately, if you try to make a¬†new eBay account and start selling. After a couple of days they will track you and ban your account just like your previous one.¬†I will show you how to make an eBay account and eBay won’t track your previous identity. I will show you eBay selling tips that I found and tested.

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