eBay Seller Contact Information with Hidden Features

eBay Seller Secret Hidden Features and Many Tips

There are many eBay tips and tricks and also hidden features of the eBay site. In this article, I will show you,” How to get eBay Seller information. Sometimes this hidden feature is very important for all of us because if someone didn’t issue us a refund for a long time transaction. We can get that eBay seller ‘s information such as address, telephone nu or email.

  • If you trouble with any eBay Seller. Contact eBay Customer Service via e-mail.

 Let’s See One of the eBay Seller ‘s Listing

I have chosen one of the eBay seller ‘s top selling listing as the example. As you know, 01 is the sellers username/user ID. First we need to copy that username/ID to get the information of that seller. 02 Then click “Advanced Search” tab which shown in the picture.

ebay seller

Advanced Search Page

Once you have clicked advanced tab, it will redirect to the Advanced Search Page. There are many benefits with this page.

  1. Find Items    -: Even you can find any item on eBay with multiply search terms. Just checked that page. Then I’m sure you’ll learn many eBay Tips. To find an item you need to enter keywords or item number.

  2. Find Stores   -: In this tab you can search any store on eBay. You just only need to check boxes or enter the keywords. This is so easy.

  3. Find Member-: This is the tab, we were looking for. You only need to input/enter the eBay Seller ‘s user ID or the item number.

ebay seller

Please note: due to the latest eBay user agreement. You can only get the sellers’ information which you are dealing with or previously cancelled transaction. When you submit the eBay Seller Id and the item nu. it will redirect to a new page.

ebay seller

After couple of seconds, check you e-mails. eBay will sent you all the “eBay Seller” information that related to the contact.

ebay seller

Become a eBay Seller

If you are interesting with eBay selling. Start eBay selling without thinking. If you like please share with your thoughts with us.

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