eBay Customer Service email & Secrets – Tip 8

eBay Customer Service

Hi guys, these days everyone talking about eBay and PayPal companies. They won’t be part of the same group of companies anymore. They will separate soon. We’ll talk about it later and let’s see what are the hidden features of the eBay Customer Service.

Everyone knows how to contact eBay customer service with phone calls & most of them don’t know how to contact them with emails and send them documents.

ebay customer service


 eBay Customer Service Hidden Features

After a couple of years ago, I have achieved my selling targets and I’ve reached eBay selling limits continuously. Suddenly, eBay sent me MC011 SRM Appeal. They said, I need to send them,

  1.  A readable copy of your driver’s license, front *and* back, or other government-issued ID.
  2.  A copy of a recent credit card statement, bank statement, or utility bill. Your name and billing address should be visible, and consistent with the information registered to your eBay account.
  3. Documentation (including manufacturer’s invoices or receipts) that shows that you purchased the item (s) recently listed for sale on eBay.

Unfortunately, I have sent them via fax and most of the documents weren’t clear. Fortunately, they gave me an online documents sending method. You are lucky and you can use this method easily. No fax, No phone calls…

ebay customer service

I have sent many emails to customerhelp@ebay.com. When we contact eBay customer service using this email address we’ll receive automatic two emails from eBay Customer Service.


ebay customer service


ebay customer service

Below, you can see one of the responded email from eBay customer service. That was about my one of the accounts selling restriction. I have mentioned the reason on previous posts. I need to tell you, all the tips and tricks are real & working 100%. Anyone can use them without no problem. I have tested these before and that’s why I attached my screenshots.

ebay customer service

If you need to send our documents to eBay Customer Support. You don’t want to fax them anymore. Use this feature. Above I have mentioned, eBay requested a couple of documents of mine. When I fax them, they weren’t clear and they offered me this method.

ebay customer service


Click this link…https://ocs.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?OCSUploadMemberDocuments&action=signin&deptName=USRiskManagement

We need to follow these steps,

1. Click on the above link and sign in using your eBay user ID and password.

2. Click ‘Continue’

3. Select the documents needing to be uploaded by clicking ‘Browse’. Once they are selected, choose the Document Type from the drop down list.

4. Select send and wait for the confirmation to appear to ensure your documents have been submitted for review.

ebay customer service

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