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If you are an iOS user, then you must already hear about Jailbreak and Cydia. As it’s a whole new level of change for iOS users, every iOS user must know about Cydia as well. So in this article, you are going to learn more about Cydia and also the latest method of download Cydia known as Cydia Installer iOS 12. you can download Cydia Installer iOS 12 for 100% free by reading this post. First of all, let’s talk about jailbreak.

Cydia Installer iOS 12

Everything You Need to Know About Jailbreak

Most people already know about jailbreak and also there are so many who don’t and some of them afraid of using Cydia according to wrong rumors. So, first of all, let’s clear our minds about iOS Jailbreak before we heading to jailbreak iOS. Jailbreaking is the process of removing all the limits that have granted by the manufacturer and you will be able to use apps that even not approved by the manufacturer. It gains you full access to your iOS device. Most importantly Jailbreaking your iOS device is the only way to get the Cydia. I hope now you got a basic idea about jailbreak, So let’s talk about Cydia before we heading Cydia Installer iOS 12.

Cydia The Best

In simple words, Cydia is the main reason why people love to jailbreak iOS. It is a mobile application that allows you to download and install other software packages on any iOS device including iPhone, IPad, and iPod Touch. Cydia is not an official app, it’s a third-party app store which developed by jay freeman. Cydia is a 100% free application installer came up with Jailbreak.

What is Cydia Installer?

Cydia Installer is the best way to get Cydia on your iDevice. All you have to do is, download Cydia installer and it will easily jailbreak your iOS for you and install Cydia in minutes. You don’t have to worry about any troubles on the jailbreak as Cydia Installer iOS 12 will guide you for easy jailbreak.  

Advantages of Cydia Installer iOS 12

There are so many reasons to have Cydia on your iOS device. I have mentioned some of them below.

  • You can surf tons of paid/unpaid applications which you can’t even found on App Store.
  • You can download themes, tweaks, mods and also extinctions through Cydia.
  • Cydia is 100% Legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • By jailbreaking and installing Cydia, some iPhones can be unlocked if it has a country code, it’s a huge advantage if you have a locked iDevice.
  • Cydia is 100% reversible. You can reverse back to normal iOS App Store anytime you want.

Safety Notes

  • iOS Jailbreak will cancel your device warranty although it’s completely unrooted.
  • There are some limitations of Cydia Installer Free such as not all the apps play nice in Cydia after you jailbreak your device.
  • Downloading from Cydia is not 100% safe as there might be some malware infected apps also.

So before you go to download Cydia installer Free, you need to consider these facts also.

Developers Credit

I would like to thanks “Jay Freeman(Saurik)” the owner of SaurikIT to develop such an amazing tool for iOS industry and also all the copyrights of Cydia Installer goes to him as well.

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