Cydia Download iOS 9.3.1

Cydia Download iOS 9.3.1

In these days, Cydia download is one of the major problem in iOS community. Apple has released several iOS versions recently updating security contents. Unfortunately, every time they have killed untethered jailbreak. Even, you cannot untethered jailbreak iOS 9.3.1 to download Cydia on your iOS devices. However, thanks to the iNstantJB team. We have a best solution to Cydia download on our devices with many features.

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How to Cydia download on iOS 9.3.1 devices?

You probably wondering, how to Cydia download on iOS 9.3.1 devices. As we mentioned above, you can use iNstantJB team’s jailbreaking and Cydia installer tool to do that. iNstantJB team is the latest jailbreaking team in the iOS community and they have different level of concepts for iOS lovers.

  • Step 01: Visit iNstantJB official website. We have linked this on the first paragraph above.
  • Step 02: To iNstant jailbreak your device, you must visit that website from your default safari browser of your iDevice.
  • Step 03: Tap on, “Jailbreak Now” button to start the jailbreaking process to Cydia download.
  • Step 04: You have to accept the simple user agreement of iNstantJB team. After that, it will start the process of Cydia downloading.
  • Step 05: After successfully jailbroken. It will automatically install Cydia demo and iNstantJB app on your iOS device.

There is a special membership program on iNstantJB. We already got our VVIP membership with lots of benefits to customize our iOS devices including Cydia download. They are serving unique and pretty amazing service to the iOS community. It is beyond the jailbreak. Honestly, their service is great and user-friendly.

Cydia Download Video Tutorials

 iNstantJB team’s introduction about their services about Cydia and iOS Jailbreaking

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