Convert WebP to JPG Online 2018

Introduction to WebP Convert


The WebP format of images introduced by the Google, especially the Lossless WebP is a great solution to the problem of occupying much image space by the images in the web. It effectively reduces the file size of an image without reducing the quality,y of your image in any way.You can clearly see an almost 85% decrease in the size of an image when a PNG is converted to a WebP. Though it is not much compared to the above a 42% decrease was observed when converting a PNG file into WebP file. Therefore, it is clear the importance of using a good converter so that you can reduce the file size of your JPG or the PNG image.There are few options you can choose to convert your file into WebP such as plug-ins and Software etc.

Why convert to JPG?


Sometimes we require images with very high quality and dense in details. Though the loading is slow, sometimes we need to use our images in the JPG format for the sake of clarity. Also, these JPG images are one of the standard formats of online image formats. Hence it would cause you no trouble in any of all browsers if you use JPG.

Convert WebP to JPG Online


Up to today WebP is supported by the browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera Web Browser and the mobile tools support WebP. There are expectations to see support to WebP in the next versions of iOS in Safari Web Browser.There are many types of WebP to JPG online converters.

Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer


  • You have to purchase the Optimus Image Optimizer from the below link and then install it., Then in the settings section, you have to change the settings to Enable WebP. Then you can upload your image file to the WordPress media library even if it’s in the WebP image format and any other format is automatically converted into the WebP format.This new file is created as a separate version and the original file will always remain the same.
  • Then install the WordPress Cache Enabler from the following link. It’s a totally free plug-in and will let you serve your WebP into supported web Browsers once you enable the “Create an additional cached version for WebP image support”.

Cloud Convert


This is one of the free online WebP to JPG converters. This is very simple to handle, unlike many other similar tools.



  • This is a similar tool to the one above. It will provide you with simple instructions to upload your WebP file or to drag and drop it into the tool.
  • Then they will convert the WebP file into a JPG image and then you can either download it to your Personal Computer or else you can upload them to your online cloud services such as Google Drive.You can go to this online tool through this link:

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