Computer Systems in Different Environments

Computer Systems in Different Environments

There are various types of systems. Among them Computer System takes one of the leading place of the systems. Let’s see, ‘What is a system?
A system is a collection of principles that work together to accomplish a common target. School System, Banking System, Drain System, Diagnostic System, Digestive System, Information System and so on, these are a few of examples of Systems.

Computer System

The computer system is made of hardware, software, firmware and liveware. Hardware components which were carefully selected, therefore all the components work together. The software programs run in the computer system. The major software program is operating system such as Windows OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and so on. OS manages the provides services to the other software programs in the Computer system.

Although, the computer system is able to take a set of inputs, processes, and also a set of outputs. These processes are done by all the components of the computer system that mentioned above.

  • Hardware -: It means all the tangible components of the computer, such as CPU, mouse and so on.
  • Software -: It means, set of instructions and it includes computer instructions and data.
  • Firmware -: This is a kind of software that has been written on ROM. Firmware use to check components and then load the OS to the RAM.
  • Live ware -: We are the live ware. We give the commands to the computer system.
    Each computer system has one or more inputs to transfer data and those data will be processed. Finally, the processing outcome is sent to one of outputs or it will be stored.

Computer systems process

Classes of Computers

We can categorize classes of computers by size, function, performance and etc. Let’s see classes of computers,

  • Personal Computers,

Desktop Computers

Laptop, Notebook Computers

Palmtop Computers

Tablet Computers


  • Minicomputers
  • Mainframe Computers
  • Super Computers
  • Workstations

Computer Systems in Environments

In these days, computer systems are using for different purposes in each environment. People always using computer systems for their day to day tasks because they can done their tasks with efficiently and effectively. Let’s see some of the environments that using computer systems.

  • Home Environment
  • Educational Environment
  • Business Environment
  • Banking Environment
  • Hospitals Environment

Functions of a computer system

A computer can process data, pictures, sound and graphics. They can solve highly complicated problems quickly and accurately. Performs basically five major computer operations or functions irrespective of their size and make. These are,

1) It accepts data or instructions by way of input,
2) It stores data,
3) It can process data as required by the user,
4) It gives results in the form of output, and
5) It controls all operations inside a computer.

Computer system Hardware and Software Video Tutorial

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