AirPlayer Download For A Better Screen Sharing

Have you ever heard the word “AirPlayer Download”? If you have ever used the iTools file manager tool, it sounds familiar, right? It’s because the AirPlayer is a stunning feature comes to iTools 4, and specialty about this feature is you can get AirPlayer Download separately on Windows and Mac computers. The main and the most used feature of this AirPlayer is screen mirroring ability though it has some other beneficial features.

Mirroring your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s screen to a computer is a very useful thing at office work and even for some home-based computer work. There might be a number of screen mirroring tools or screen recording tools out there at the market. But it is better if you can have one tool which performs all these tasks. If you’re seeking a multi-tasking tool for iDevice screen handling, AirPlayer Download is the best fit for you.

What is AirPlayer Download?

AirPlayer Download is all about handling your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s screen. The AirPlayer is a specially designed software for mobile users which lets you perform several tasks on your device’s screen such as screen mirroring, screen recording, screen streaming, and remote controlling. This feature tool comes with the iTools software but, you can also download it separately on your Windows or Mac PC. Once you get the AirPlayer Download on your PC, you can play games, view and edit documents, browse the web, watch videos, preview images, or whatever you do with your iDevice on your PC screen.

Features of AirPlayer Download


  • Screen Mirroring:

This is the best and the most famous feature of AirPlayer. You can share your iDevice screen with the PC screen and work on a widescreen. All you have to do is simply tap on the mobile screen, and the data will be mirrored to your Windows or Mac PC screen. You and your friend, both can mirror your iDevice screen into the same PC screen and play games competitively. What’s fascinating about this feature is, you don’t need to use a USB cable to mirror your device’s screen to PC.

  • Work On A Huge Screen:

You don’t need to bother when viewing your data on your smart iDevice. The AirPlayer Download will help you to view all your digital data such as images, videos, and documents on a huge screen. The gamers can also play mobile games on the PC screen so you can double the fun in gaming as you get the chance to play games in a widescreen.

  • Video Streaming:

With AirPlayer Download you’re allowed to stream all your mobile videos on your huge computer screen and monitor it through the AirPlayer. You are not requested to save videos or movies on your computer to watch it. You can simply access the video files on your mobile with an enabled Wi-Fi connectivity which saves your data transferring time.

  • Screen Recording:

Screen Recording is an often used task on smart devices. The iTools AirPlayer can record the screen of your mobile device and save it as a video format. It allows you to record any type of screen, even the high-resolution ones. And if you want to share the recorded screen video on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or if you want to send it as a message, it is possible too.

  • Remote Control:

With this feature, you can control the PC application remotely by using AirPlayer Download. This is a simple task which only needs a one tap with an enabled Wi-Fi connectivity. But in this feature, the AirPlayer requires the superuser access to the system files. Therefore, you can only use Remote Control feature on AirPlayer in a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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